About The Author

Katie Eden Todd (B. Mus, B.A. (Psych.), Post Grad Dip Psych), is an Archetypal Therapist with 30 years experience. Her quest to understand all dimensions of personality and relationships has driven her entire life. This book and model is the culmination of 17 years quantitative research and writing. Her first book, “Who Am I? An Archetypal Quest” as Katie Altham, was a best seller.

Katie began life as a classical professional trumpet player. After completing her music degree she studied post graduate music therapy in Kansas, United States. Upon her return to Australia she completed her psychology studies. She passionately combines both fields in her workshops.

Katie’s other huge teacher in life has been her health. Told at 24 years she would be on the invalid pension for life, she battled ongoing debilitating pain for many, many years. With no quick fixes in sight, her decades long journey to heal herself from deep within began. Katie is now pain free and well, something unimaginable for most of her life. The incredible lessons from this terribly challenging experience provided the foundation for her work.

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