'Who Am I? Cell Mate or Soul Mate' Summary Edition - eBook

'Who Am I? Cell Mate or Soul Mate' Summary Edition - eBook

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Note: This is the summary edition of the Personas from 2015 (along with additional Cell Mate and Soul Mate information).

If you are looking for the updated comprehensive edition, buy the first User Guide To Humans eBook released in June 2019.


To find out if we’re a Cell Mate or Soul Mate in our relationships, we must first answer the essential question – ‘Who Am I?’ Our journey begins with a fascinating exploration of our relationship with ourselves. We then apply this wisdom to every other relationship we have. The unconscious blueprint for our lives and relationships is activated in our early years by our childhood family. However, we are all born with unique personalities (Personas) that contain specific strengths (light Adult sides) and weaknesses (shadow Child sides). Each family member has their unique Persona combination, in Child or Adult form, and you will be drawn to these particular combinations like a magnet for life. Some in your original family may have resonated and been compatible with your Personas, while others may not have understood, appreciated or related well to who you innately are. This dynamic explains how some of your partnerships have felt like you were living as Cell Mates, rather than Soul Mates. This common relationship phenomenon will be explored in detail throughout this book...


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